Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I have to do something

You have that gut feeling that you must do something..may Allah guide us to a beneficial semester break insya-Allah 👏*just because it looks as if one is praying emojiii

Saturday, August 6, 2011

average day at kumon..

bye2 mum..i'm off to work..zoooomm..i past down bangi valley towards kumon in my porsche..brake..skid skid..reverse park perfectly into an empty spot..i grab my bag and run up those flight of stairs to the kumon the main entrance door and smell the heavy scent of poorly ventilated apartments..but thats feels pays homage by la la..i hum as i skip to my desk holding what is freshly ticked and marked papers of my beloved students..spoilt as they may be but they still are cute little buggers..arrange arrange arrange i sing as i arrange their homework's into their respected files..a mother shouts at the door to her son.."do good my son!or i'm gonna give you to gilly!"..the child of the mother shrugged in fear, sweated instantaneously and abruptly wrote his will..for what i figured out last week.."gilly" is what the mother calls their lawn decor..its a golly..i payed not any attention to the kid anymore because i was busy registering the new comers.."hello, welcome to kumon..a place of wonders where you will learn and explore what is unlearnable and unexplorable.."..i greet them nicely..slightly threatening to tell on them to their parents if they make a fuss at kumon.."you raise your voice as much as a decibel in vesuvius is your next bath tub honey bunney"..i always insert comforting words such as hunny bunney in my signify in all the darkness there is still hope..pfft..they believe i continue marking the papers..tick tick tick cross cross tick cross..three mistakes?gilly for you child..he the end of the class..i take out the mop from the clean the blood stains.........of a rabbit that got squashed by a falling air conditioner that coincidentally was hugged by a kid..the rabbit died..the kid is unknown..but a body of a kid was found nearby..mysterious..out of nowhere..oh, i got to go..bye xoxo

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

university not that easy


i've not been writing that much lately, busy doing other stuff like sleeping which wastes my time a lot. lets try sleep a bit less. but now i'm not sleeping!alive and healthy alhamdulillah. wait. i have time to sleep?don't i have classes?nope. i'm at home living life!its the holidays!6 months of free time ending this september insya-Allah. today boys and girls, i.Allah i'll be writing about how not easy university life is and how it has effected me in particular.

praises to Allah that i got admitted into UiTM Shah Alam for the TESL foundation course. although i wasn't a high achiever in SPM i got in and there i was in shah alam with mrsm and sbp students alongside with normal school people like me. i felt cool being able to be with boarding school students because it made me look intelligent. haha. ok enough. lets go numerical and point form. these are how university affected me.

1. iman wise - before heading on to university i thought i was spiritually competent. that i am the man!i was a good teenager trying to do what Allah told me to do and act. i thought i had it all covered. there is nothing that could deter my knighthood! saying that is easier than done. in those days i lived at home, my parents took care of me, my mom and sisters cooked my meals, money wasn't used that much and i lived near the surau. going to the surau for the wajib prayers was a bliss alhamdulillah except for subuh prayers, that's my fault of sleeping late. and i held my cool at school with girls. i tried not to get involved that much although there were times i was weak. astaghfirullah. and growing up in a westerly environment i was prone and exposed to sexual humour, cursing and plain old sarcasm. but at school i did not have friends that could make a clique with me so all that joking around stayed inside me and the occasional outbursts in bathrooms. so i thought i was good to go. i thought i could shield my iman. but the unwanted happened in university. in university i was to be independent. i had to search for my own food so i got friends to accompany me. and i followed my friends sometimes regardless of the prayer times. there were times i would go to maghrib prayers at the surau but skip isya' at surau because i was busy eating away. there were probably times that i would just ignore the call and eat and chat away. i also found friends with the same head(sekepala). my westerly upbringings shined at UiTM. i cursed, said indecent jokes and probably irritated other people too just because i thought it was cool. partly it wasn't the fault of the people i was with but my fault not restraining myself. and i was more forgiving towards unneeded acts. like mingling with girls. i sat close to them. bertepuk tampar. astaghfirullah. it was maybe because of the social environment we had in our course but of course i could of avoided that.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: A man follows the religion of his friend; so each one should consider whom he makes his friend.{Book 41, Number 4815 : Sunan Abu Dawud}

2. perut wise - okay this topic isnt as heavy as the above but its literally heavy. when i was at school i was active. i cycled and played badminton. even if it was spm i still played badminton with my friends. these activity are probably the asbab on how i lost my weight. when i was little i was big and chubby. then getting into my teens i started losing weight. i was really active. then university gave me something. its called fat!hahahaha. university life for me isn't a life that really gets you going in sports. okay, this is my routine. at 8 something i go to the faculty and i get back in the evenings. i get soo tired that i just chuck my bags and take out my retractable bed and slumber partay!after that i shower and have my maghrib prayers. then after maghrib i go for dinner. before that i probably already had lunch. then after isya' whether it was at the surau or me procrastinating at my room i relaxed a bit. wether it was video games or just chatting with friends. then i would sleep or go out and by burgers. double patty with egg and cheese. yummmm..not something to stay healthy. after practicing this way of life. i saw myself get bigger. my tummy, my man-boobs, my thighs and my biceps. my stamina was off too. i cycled when i got back home and oh my. i jogged and dreaded i took the long way back home.

so thats it guys..things that affected my life at university. of course there are other things. but i just cant think of it.huahaha..thanks for reading..wallahu'alam..

Friday, June 24, 2011

World Stage of Characters - WSC

Assalamualaikum, hoping all is having a blessed day from Allah swt..

So, i've been having this super long holiday of 6 months or so and i haven't been doing much really. i haven't finished my book yet which is really taking a long time and i don't make any effort to attend classes of any sort to widen my knowledge. so what do i do? i surf the internet, log on to facebook, watching car reviews on youtube, watching hilarious comedy shows and sleep. nothing interes
ting really. then one day, on facebook, a friend of mine posted an ad about volunteering(or helping) for an event at UiTM. without any future plans ahead i raised my hand and took the offer, well not literally raising my hand but you get the point. i read and read the details and i figured out the event was called WSC which was an acronym for World Scholars Cup. Woohoo!!
an international event i thought, this is gonna be interesting an exciting. later, emails arrived on the virtual doorstep of my account noting me that i am registered as volunteer(or whatever they called us) and i am to go to a briefing at the beloved faculty of education UiTM.

so there was i at fac of edu, already cleared my bowels, probably most of it, waiting for the briefing. then we went in the hall for the briefing. i cant really recall specific details of the briefing but it think it was about
the tasks and jobs we were to do. and the most surprising fact is that we were to be ready for the event by tomorrow which was Wednesday and i thought we were only needed on friday, sat and sun. shock and awe circulating through the room like waves on a mad dark stormy night(haha..takdelah). so me is expected to be ready tomorrow? okay, if that's what is needed. so i went back home and packed my things and
went back to shah alam the next day. and another surprise i forgot to mention is that we got a girls residential college!!kolej mawar!!!! so this is gonna be an experience. so i checked in with my friends and we grouped up so we could have same rooms and alhamdulillah i got a room with one of my friends and the other two was together too. the rooms at mawar was nice, i like it, its private and comfy but the toilets are outside, so are the showers but who am i to complain. its good enough they gave us a place to stay alhamdulillah.

so on the wednesday there was this briefing and i got to know i'm on duty that night, i was to greet contestants from dubai. and i forgot to mention, the day before i got to know that i was the liaison officer for a school from australia and its called Shenton College. though college for me means people my age but its not the fact for this college, its a junior team consisting of 1 boy and i dont remember how many girls and the chaperon is Chloe Britton(a nice lady who is calm and friendly). okay, so that night me and the people involved waited for the people from dubai and we were with the guys who were handling a thailand team. so we wait
ed and waited for the team. then the guys or might i say girls handling the thailand team asked for a guy to escort the guys from thailand because they were all girls. so i went to help the thailand team. thailand arrived before dubai and i went ahead showing these foreigners where their rooms were. lalalalalala. praises to Allah everything went well. but there was this one kid, i think from thailand, while i showed him his room he showed me a cockroach. and i was like "dude!!aku pun tak berani ngn lipas ko nak aku buat apa?!!" but none of that came out. i killed the creature and swept it out of that kids room. haha. then i went down and dealt with the dubai guys which was smooth alhamdulillah. fuh, i think me and my roomate, hakim(who was on duty with me), went back to our rooms late.

so on thursday, teams come
and is greeted. i cant really recall what i did on thursday..hmmmmmmm..but one thing i forgot to mention. on wednesday we were arranging seats for classes that would be holding debates and then there was a cameraman from tv3. and i got in.woooo.booo.whatever. haha. so jump to friday. on friday there was this event called Scholars Scavenge and it was to be held at tasik shah alam. teams get tasks to do and such. there were people in charge of this event and hakim and i were not the people. we had nothing to do really. it was like our off day. but we heard there was these places to be holding debates that has been arranged back to their original state, maybe there were still classes, so we head on to menara to help sort it back to debate mode.

saturday!!debate day. since i am new to debate i am interested. i got a room to handle for the day and alhamdulillah it
went well but it was tiring and sleepy hearing why great cities should have great leaders and such. but it got me thinking. these little children can speak well even though they are still young. i think even i cant speak out as good as them. so debate ends. then there is this ball at night. i don't really know what happened because i was outside. then i was on duty for buses. i had to handle the bus from uitm to concorde hotel. then the real wsc begins, the world stage of characters, there were people shouting, chaperon taking things into their own hands maybe it was due to transportation mishaps. there was a person who said this was the worst event ever, unorganized event, waste of time. then we get to see the people up close and how they are. all comes with organizing something big i guess.

sunday came and mostly it was in a hall with prize giving, eating, performance, eating, debate, eating. lots of eating i
stress on that. then there was mini-chaos again with transportation but i think everything would be fine if people were patient. my team from Shenton did not really contact me and i only saw Chloe a few times and i got to know they are going to klia 5.30 monday morning. i did not mingle with them much and i hope they had fun. so WSC was pretty much over that sunday.

MONDAY, last day!!so in the morning people went to wrap things up here and there but i woke up late and had breakfast
and there was like no more work to do. hah. so we went for a briefing or post-mortem or whatever with lecturers and other people who had duties for WSC. comments were aired and suggestions was said. motivational words were heard and money was handed out. wooo. alhamdulillah. we got 100 ringgit but the experience was priceless. so that wraps up WSC, it was fun!meeting seniors and hanging out with them was fun!mingling with foreigners was fun!(some wore short skirts, dugaan bagi imannn..)eating was fun!

so that is it..thanks fer reading..or skimming or scanning..or whatever

sorry no pictures..i haven't equipped my self with the know how yet..

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday evening..

finally, got some time for myself this weekend..the National Park photography contract got me working every single day of the week..with a week till the deadline and only two more photographs to edit, i decided to relax this!click!i fired up my stainless steel gas stove..its been a while since i cooked something up..for the past month whether it was prepared meal by the park rangers or it was instant noodles which stocked the cabinet in my snug little cabin in the national park..a personally prepared hot meal could do this aching body some justice and much needed dietary nutritions.. i was thinking a simple bolognese sauce, light on the chicken meat and pour it on penne pastas..the pasta would compliment the chicken meat perfectly..just like what mum used to make and i would eat it in front of the telly..ahh, i remember watching those quirky game shows with my i reminisced the old days, i searched for the pennes..the bottom cupboard, yes, thats where i put my pastas..bucatini?no..vermicelli?no..where are those pennes..searched the whole pennes..bucatini just wont do it..its 6.30pm..still time to stroll down to the shop before maghrib..put on my jacket..i decide not to zip it up..let the cold breeze in..walk by my neighbours houses and realise that its been three weeks since i chatted with them..gotta catch up with them tomorrow..right now its penne searching time..ahh, uncle Rahmat's handy store..i could get almost everything here..detergent, cooking oil, toilet slippers, you name as i remember the pasta section is the third row on the left right beside the baby products..ahhh, penne!!lets buy two packs just in case..

zipp!slide my scissor to open the penne pack..its 'bout cooking it after maghrib..then it will be still hot for me to eat..yeah..

Sunday, May 8, 2011

that ride..(some fictional shiatsu)

flash, flash, flash..outrageously modified cars pass by me..with their unbearable exhaust sounds which really just sound like they're hammering their engine to the limits, like revving up to the max before changing pitiful of their cars..hmmmm..but i relax..relaxing on my BMW K1600GTL..cruising on the highway to Shah Alam..90km/h is relaxing enough on a midnight like this..i ride the middle lane, respecting those "fast cars", this bike is awesome..i just bought this superb piece of engineering of a French ex-pat living at Bangsar for a bargain of RM95,000..just been bought for two months and now i'm the owner..the custom leather seats haven't broken in yet..its an honour to ride this machine..ahhhh, the wind blows into my face as i open my visor..its May and a little cool breeze is always welcome in these humid i approach some corners the adaptive headlamps really work..adjusting itself to the way i corner, the headlamps shines where it should shine and not blindingly ahead..its rather ironic that the xenon headlamps as well as the adaptive headlamps and the front fairing looks a lot like an owl..a bird which could see at night..and this bike can sure see at night..ah, Puchong..this means i'm nearing my destination..nice ride

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

well, its a start

i wanna wear grey lined double breasted suit so i would look like a politician..oh yeahh